Aits Cable

Our Approach

We believe each client is unique, so we take pride in each project. Drawing on our long experience with cable construction and installation, we have a tailored solution to your specifications. We outline strategic milestones throughout all stages of the project to ensure a smooth completion.


Infrastructure Services


Arial Underground Construction




Data Cabling

Time of Completion Agree to execute the following:

Deliver three (3) Operating vehicles to start

Monthly, increase head count as the project requires.

We will commence actual work on the Project within the times speci-fied in the contract documents issued in connection with the Project. We agree to a six (6)-day work week, excluding Saturdays, and all legal holidays.

We agree to fulfill all rules and regulations given by client, meeting your monthly goals for workmanship and customer satisfaction. We agree to maximize our completion rate on all work and maintain proper monthly numbers.