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We believe an assertive heart and an innovative mind produces the best solutions in technology, broadcasting and construction. AITS Profile and Key Staff Assertive Innovative Technology Solutions (AITS) is a leading Cable, Telephone and Telecommunications firm out of the Houston, Texas area specializing in Sub-contractor management, cabling construction/ installation cabling and electric wiring services. AITS has unique expertise in both new projects and renovations and has a 15-year success history. We have the industry knowledge, technical know-how and material science expertise connecting communication cabling to the human progress. We believe: An assertive heart and an innovative mind produce the best solutions in technology When we are part of your vision, we seek to operate only with the spirit of excellence because our mission is to provide the best high-value professional service. We are actively involved in all aspects of the project life-cycle. With a proven history of on-time, on-budget, and high project completion, we are adept in:

We know that delivering a high-value project requires a solid combination of drive, ambition, skill, and technical know-how; and so, at Assertive Innovative Technology Solutions (AITS) we are eager to extend our service in New York, Texas and across the nation as the next contracting company for T-Mobile’s Installation, Upgrade and Maintenance Departments. With over 15 years of experience as a construction cabling installer with Cablevision, Comcast, T-Mobile, MetroPCS, and Digicel (Caribbean), Assertive Innovative Technology Solutions has a proven history of delivering on-time, on-budget solutions that are both realistic and extraordinary. The knowledge and wisdom we obtained during our time with T-Mobile has developed into a verifiable track record for managing a contract from the project estimating stage to its successful completion. Previously, we were hired as subcontractors for T-Mobile on the fiber upgrade project and small cell builds.

We were also contractorsd for MetroPCS on their site maintenance project in the state of New York. Our aim is to become direct partners with T- Mobile; we believe we have the technical expertise and experienced manpower to maintain your brand across the nation. We have an office in Houston, Austin and Brooklyn, NY, and our staff is well versed in the advancement of technology and will be a great asset to T-Mobile. Here at AITS we have discovered innovative ways to ensure that our technicians produce quality work, “even under unhappy conditions.” We have developed a positive partnership and rapport with all our previous partners and look forward do the same with T-Mobile; to effectively understand the “ins-and- outs” of your company. Be assured that AITS will follow the guidelines and policies given by T-Mobile. As your needs change, we will be happy to help you assess those needs and offer you solutions that will achieve your new goals.
It is an honor to have AITS expand its services with T-Mobile. We have full confidence that any of our former clients you speak with will endorse our company’s work and we welcome you to visit our website at http://www.aits.us.

Please let us know if you have any questions, suggestions or changes, however small, to the attached proposal. We really want to hear from you. Thank you so kindly for reviewing our proposal. We hope that you will give us this opportunity to deliver an on-time on-budget project to you.
Yours Truly, Shanroy Powell, CEO Assertive Innovative Technology Solutions (AITS)

Our Expert Team

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Shanroy Powell


Hi I am Shanroy Powell CEO of AITS. The company was established on 12/12/2012 in the state of Texas. Here at AITS the goal has always been molding minds to think outside the box and to thrive beyond their comfort zone. Being an entrepreneur has always been my passion. The satisfaction of being able to place others in a position to be successful is priceless.

In 2002 I started out as a technician at Cablevision I quickly developed the skills needed to fast track me to a managerial position. In year 3 of employment there I was exposed to the contracting side of the business, I knew then I found my career path. I worked diligently for years across the country as a subcontractor gaining the wisdom knowledge and understanding needed to manage a primary contract. Being a trouble kid from Brooklyn NY one would say the odds were stacked against me, but I was determined to defy those odds. I have always been passionate about leadership, this led me to become a basketball coach mentoring young men in the community at the age of 19. Today several of my mentees are AITS employees. I challenge you to join us here at AITS where we believe an assertive heart and innovative mind produces the best solutions in technology.

Angie Ashman

operation Director

I am Angie Ashman, and I have been associated with the technology industry for the past 10 years. During this time I’ve gained vast knowledge both in the field and executive side of this industry. As the Director of Operations. I manage the daily activities of the company by overseeing several departments. I am responsible for directing actions across the organization and managers to improve efficiency and reduce costs as needed. Here at AITS, our aim is to handle every project as unique in its entirety and deliver a turn key solution that satisfies the clients need and to accomplish this within budget in a timely fashion. I’ve strived by making myself relatable on all levels. Daily liaison with clients and my peers are what I found to be the most valuable trait in fulfilling my duties. No assignment is ever too great or too small, once committed my obligation is to execute my tasks with diligence and pride from conception through delivery. I endeavor to improve on my knowledge so that AITS can remain as efficient and effective and on par with the industry requirements. I consider my team to be one of our most valuable asset in our achievements thus far and will continue to motivate and provide the leadership qualities they require to keep focused on our goal of being assertive minds that came together with one goal of being the best at what we do.

Bruce Tran

AITS splicing director and trainer

Im Bruce Tran, Splicing manager at AITS. My role is overseeing the splicing department I work closely with our in-house staff and contract resources. I also supervise, train, and develop new recruits to expand the company’s splicing staff. My daily functions include managing and coordinating all splicing resources to ensure all AITS work gets delivered according to client and Industry specifications. Additional responsibilities include installation, repair, configuration and testing 
prior to releasing a job as ready for service.

Letitia Bartley

Administrative manager

My name is Letitia Bartley and I am 34 years old. I am one of the most caring, jovial, business oriented, motivating and understanding individual you can ever come across.

I have 12 years of experience in the Customer Service field, equipped with my Diplomas in Business and Business
Management, I pride myself on having great interpersonal skills. I work well with others and can easily adapt in high pressure situations. These skills enable me to bring out the best in others; by highlighting there strengths and fostering growth in areas where improvements are needed.At AITS I use these skills in our daily operations.